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For Facilitators, open to intuition based exercises, to plan projects and create insights into complex social dynamics

For Community Organizers, interested to learn methods to include diverse cultural contexts, beliefs and voices

For Peers, interested to share their ideas and wisdom about global movement building

For those open to further collaboration towards building a distributed support network accross boarders.


How do we build a global grassroots democracy that enables us to create a future that nurtures us and the planet?

How can existing movements, better collaborate and support each other to achieve this goal?


the collaboration incubator is a mix of a leadership & vision workshop, mini-conference and think tank.

In the leadership training part we experience and learn about change facilitation, principles and tools.

We apply these tools to questions that are relevant for our organizations, our movement and beyond. This feeds our shared vision.

As a think tank we explore ideas and projects that connect and support our different interests in order to serve this higher purpose.

The mini-conference is conscious networking and sharing of our wisdom as informal representatives of our fields of change.


Our learning process is built on:

the embodied mindfulness practice of Social Presencing Theater, the
living systems inspired process of Dragon Dreaming Project Design
and the socio-cultural understanding of Evolutionary Work.

Processes will evolve over time according to need and utility.