Do you sense this huge possibility…

Do you sense this huge possibility…

… and the urgent need for transformation? Do you also feel this subtle but constantly motivating pressure to drive positive change in your work, life and in our interconnected societies?

Do you believe in the power of true collaboration to address issues that impact all of us?

Imagine people who have different pieces of the puzzle come together! What if permaculture activists, politicians, degrowth economy researchers, feminists, crypto-currency folks, sex-education instructors, social entrepreneurs, and others active in transformation, gather in a space of dialogue and experimentation?

What if we all come out of our bubbles, meet each other and present our current projects and burning questions? What if we share our insights and inspire each other?

What if we find out what unites us, where collaboration across sectors is immediately possible, and what role our knowledge, our organizations, and our networks play in that?

What if we can do all this while learning and experiencing innovative frameworks and social technologies like Social Presencing TheaterDragon Dreaming Project Design, and Evolutionary Work, among others?

We’ll do just that at the Collaboration Incubator *18.
Come, join us and play!

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