Cultivating space between borders

Cultivating space between borders

It was in 2011 that I first stumbled upon the idea: At the Conference “Jenseits des Wachstums“ (beyond growth) that I had helped to organize, I found a little booklet by Silke Helfrich about Commons on one of the tables. Commons is questioning our well-established concepts of borders & ownership and reminds us that everything comes from the earth (also knowledge) and thus belongs to the earth and everyone. This made so much sense to me.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Silke. The workshop was on “Patterns of Commoning” – the social process on how something becomes Commons. I left inspired, understanding that there are different possibilities to figure out patterns of solutions for recurring problems. Knowing, establishing and sharing the patterns can help others with similar challenges, too.

Until recently, this felt more like theory. Now we start to understand how to bring it into practice. On May 12, a group of 16 facilitators and community organizers coming from the cultural sector, women movement, entrepreneurship, intentional community, tech & social media, consciousness shift, biodynamic farming, innovation and consulting have come together in Berlin for our first 3-day Collaboration Incubator.

The workshop was based on the idea that we can help to create a sort of distributed global governance, when we learn to work better together in the space between our borders – between nations as well as sectors, traditions, beliefs, classes, colors and especially the borders of our current bubble of activism and transformation. We aim to better understand and integrate this “global” perspective, while collaborating around the “local” projects we are already working on.

As one result of this first Collaboration Incubator – besides the learning, networking and idea sharing around mutual support – we’ve started recognizing that the style and principles of our way of collaborating are our most valueable common good – even more than shared platforms, tools and knowledge. Our Patterns of Commoning, if shared and applied, may facilitate collaboration across borders, solve problems within our own projects and hopefully those of many others, too.

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Watch this conversatin with Michel Bauwens on Commons & Transformation YoutubeLink

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