Application for Spring 2019 Incubators

Application for Spring 2019 Incubators

Many well-intentioned teams struggle to recognize, much less overcome, communication patterns that erode trust, add resentment, and impede cooperation. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We recognize that the change work we hope to see requires a greater capacity to collaborate.

Over three days we’ll use innovative social technologies that help us connect, establish more psychological safety, and mediate conflict. Personal growth is an essential part of the learning.

We’ll then take our collaboration skills and put them into action by creating a project together.

You already hold a piece of the ecological, social, spiritual or technological solution that will positively shape the future.

Join us and discover how your ideas and dreams can contribute to a world coming into balance.

apply by latest March 24 for
Collaboration Incubator May 2-5 in Berlin

apply by latest April 26 for
Collaboration Incubator June 7-9 in Oakland

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