Spring *19 Incubator Diashow

Spring *19 Incubator Diashow

We did it again, two more times!

We just completed 2 more Collaboration Incubator iterations.

This time with more focus on connecting people before the 3-days already, and gathering, mapping and playing with data around everyones infos, dreams, skills, wishes and “dragons”. Naomi Joy Smith, Benjamin Lee Martin, Chihiro Sato, Emilia Pucci and Manuela Bosch worked on the peer interview process aka “Mother interviews”, the data visualization and for Oakland even a game design.

During the workshop we applied next to Dragon Dreaming process this time also fun and effective project ideation techniques that were inspired by Rashid Owoyeles’ (Society of Owners) and Hansi Herzogs’ (CoCreate!) contribution in Berlin.

And since there have been complaints 😉 about not moving and playing enough last year, we had an extra facilitation role for mindfulness, movement and games in both incubators. We practiced some Social Presencing Theater… but most fun were pillow fights (Thanks to Bembo Davies, UnMonastery), our play with Bodyloops (thx Benji), music, singing, and cuddle puddles.

The actual collaborative projects we took on were very different in each place. Even though both meant to contribute to the same bigger idea: the “global neighbourhood” project. While we’ve been exchanging big ideas around eco-system design and cooperative platform solutions all night long in Berlin, we worked on a pretty practical project in Oakland: collecting stories from people about the neighbourhood in exchange for icecream.

Working on a project in such a short timeframe with a group you just get to know was intense in both places. The Oakland project would not have been possible without the extraordinary contribution of Ann Schnake and Dream Farm Commons. In Berlin Peter Wolffs’ “Vocalize” poetry project, that emerged in the Fall 2018 incubatos, added crucial emotional glue.

At the moment some folks keep meeting to figuere out what to do with all our dreamt ideas, intensive experiences and first of all, the connections that were built over the past 18 months. A community dinner is planned by Alexandra Robinson in Berlin. Also a video is being produced by Vanessa Nava. Stay tuned & enjoy our Diashow

Fotos: Smartphone pics by various incubator participants.

Music: Ron Hofmann

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