Call to Synergy Incubators this Fall

Call to Synergy Incubators this Fall

Dear Collaborators and Friends,

The Fall Collaboration Incubators are coming up. Throughout November 2019 (from 1st-3rd in Berlin, Germany and 22nd-24th in Oakland, USA) we will be generating a vibrant field for collaboration, focused through these two weekend retreats. On-boarding starts very soon.

In each Incubator we bring together a small group of people with big ideas and diverse skills, to build a new culture of collaborating and relating, with the purpose of helping to realize each others dreams.

This means, we want it to be a Synergy Incubator. Less work on structures, strategies and projects, more focus on cultivating the space between people and their missions.

Our vision is to be like a group of well organized friends, that stay connected when apart: a Globally Distributed Neighbourhood. We aim to bring what is already existing (an international distributed support network) into its full potential, by creating visible connections and nurturing trust

Our approach is to provide an environment that enables connection, through playful intuitive intimate practices and integration of digital tools and strategic thinking. The Incubators are an ongoing project. The weekend retreats are just a beginning of weaving our network. 

To join the Incubators ahead, those who feel the call are invited to apply by 23rd of September (Berlin) and by 14th of October for Oakland. We are starting the on-boarding shortly after these dates so that we meet at the retreats with our field of awareness already prepared.

Click here for information and application. 

Hope to hear from you.

Benji, Jacob, Matthew, Manu and Naomi
for the Incubator Hosting Team

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