Celebrating the Fall 2019 Berlin Incubator

Celebrating the Fall 2019 Berlin Incubator

With a some pictures and quotes we’d like to celebrate our rich experiences during the last Collaboration Incubator in Berlin during Nov 1-3, 2019.

What makes the Collaboration Incubator special?

“The incubator brings together diverse, passionate people interested in different fields of transformation, inner, outer, societal, cultural, technological, to experiment with ways of collaboration, mixing conceptual practices, playfulness and embodiment. All that makes for a beautiful recipe for building trust and intimacy.”

“The purpose of the Collaboration Incuabtor is to bring people together to share both a personal dream they need support with and the skills they want to offer to other peoples dreams. CI is an accelerator of connection and trust among people who don’t know each other, with the purpose of creating a fertile ground for potential collaborations or simply share tools/networks/resources to bring forward one’s dream”

“It’s not training, but you learn a lot. It’s not a personal development thing, but you grow more than anywhere. It’s not a conference, but you network deeply. It’s not a start-up incubator, but fruitful projects serving community and earth are coming out of it.”

Fotos: Felix Weth

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