We celebrate 6 incubators. What’s next?

We celebrate 6 incubators. What’s next?

We celebrate 6 Incubators in 2 years, in Oakland (US) & Berlin (DE), with 55 Collaborators, 9 of us participating more then once.

Now we are looking for partners und funding to work on SUPPORT STRUCTURES to connect and support network members. We aim to develop a SOCIAL FRANCHISE MODEL to help our program to ground and spread, we are working on DAO / COOP STRUCTURES to govern our distributed organization, and are looking into ways to support collaboration through VISUALIZING OUR NETWORKS: PURPOSE PASSION & POTENTIAL.

See here slides of a presentation we prepared for the recent Distributed Governance (DGOV) Council in Berlin, that celebrates the work up till now!

View full PDF!

Contact us via info@vanillaway.net if you like to learn more or get involved.

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