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The Collaboration Incubator supports deep collaboration between representatives of different progressive movements and ideas.

We are developing a culture of playful intuitive intimate practices, as well as utilizing the power of  digital tools.

We do so by practicing new ways of collaborating and relating, with the purpose of helping realize each others dreams.



How can different existing movements better work together, in the spirit of a global neighbourhood?


the collaboration incubator is an intensive and mind-expanding experience in a small group with big hopes, with the intention to incubate sound relationships.

We learn about leadership, while we experience change facilitation, principles and tools.

We relate the experience to questions that are relevant for our organizations, our movement, and first of all to us as people.

We work on a local project that uncovers our different talents and resources while serving a higher purpose.

We enable ongoing collaboration and sharing of our wisdom as informal representatives of our fields of change.


Our learning process is built on:

 Living systems inspired Dragon Dreaming Project Design

The embodied awareness practice of Social Presencing Theater

and the socio-cultural understanding of Evolutionary Work.

 In practice we are working with various facilitation methods, according to need and utility.