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The 3-day Collaboration Incubator workshops are at the heart of the otherwise self-managed and commons oriented program. The workshops are planned to happen twice a year and ongoing both in Berlin and San Francisco area. Size is currently limited to 10-12 participants.

We are seeking to gather people who support visionary movements, organizations or ideas; in oder to learn, practice, network and co-create. Participation in more than one 3-day event and a collaboration beyond is welcome and possible but not expected.

Our coming dates are:

Berlin May 3-5, 2019 Oakland June 7-9 2019

Berlin November 1-3, 2018 Oakland November 22-24, 2018

Application period ends 5-6 weeks prior to each event. Co-responsible participation with reservation, early applications preferred. Scroll down for application form.


Dream Farm Commons provides us with their project space in downtown Oakland.

349 15th Street at Webster, Oakland, CA 94612, USA



Co-Creation Loft provides us with their home right in the heart of Kreuz-Kölln.

Schinkestraße 9, 12047, Berlin, Germany


We welcome all people dedicated to work around transformation, like forms of activism, facilitation and healing. Participants need to be interested in engaging in our participative and experiential format. Be aware that we can not guarantee certain outcomes, yet we guarantee a curated group experience.

We particularly celebrate diversity, and do expect a respective attitude towards everyone who seems to be different. Diverse opinions on politics, religion, and other matters are welcome as long as they respect human dignity. To help assemble a diverse group, we are running an application process.


We offer different payment options in the spirit of inviting diversity of backgrounds as well as financial and non-financial contributions.

If our funding options make this program inaccessible for you, please indicate this in your application and we try to find a solution together.

BERLIN Per Session Fee Expenses Total Costs
Full paying 590 € 210 € 800 €
Co-Responsible Fee* tbd€ 210 € tbd€+210€
OAKLAND Per Session Fee Expenses Total Costs
Full paying 640 $ 280 $ 920 $
Co-Responsible Fee* tbd$ 280 $ tbd$+280$

Expenses include costs for venue, materials, etc. and organic vegetarian meals: 2 x breakfast, 2x lunch, tea-breaks and and additional snacks, 1x dinner.  We organize 1x dinner at a restaurant, costs are not included.

Excluded are your travel costs and accommodation. We are happy to help you finding an appropriate place to stay. Costs include 19% VAT in Germany.


We are open to everyone who likes to become – or already is – deeper involved in the development, organizing, documenting and community building of the Collaboration Incubator to share more responsibility and pay less.

At the same time it means that a form of financial co-responsibility is needed, to make the whole thing work in the long run. Financial co-responsibility can be expressed in many ways. It’s about taking ownership for our program and community. We are open to make finances, organizational structure, legal ownership, etc. transparent and are happy to evolve all this over time and together.

The co-responsibility group will be active in the months and weeks before and after the workshops and take over tasks. Since this is a networking and learning opportunity, too, people choosing full-paying fee can also join this group, if they wish.


info@vanillaway.net call/text +49 177 372 2580

APPLICATION FORM www.vanillaway.net