Just crazy enough to join

Just crazy enough to join

Desperately desired change 
often moves so slow
that it becomes impossible to grasp
and even harder to believe 

In a way this is forging unstopable sustainability
like nobody can stop the river in its flow

Collaborating with this vast unknowing
requires one to listen
with intention and trust 

and some likeminds around you
with shared intentions 
just wild enough to get involved

Voices will keep telling you 
that does not work!
where are your references?
where are your results?

But, that won’t help
not doing is not an option 
It’s worth giving a try 

Momentum building for global grassroots democracy 
Decentralize control 
Centralize trust 

Let’s gather



 Nay-sayers we will forget
Do, or try: do not is done
Deep roots flush democratic grass to green across the world;
Come, let us dance upon it together
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